What is LumiSight Campus?

LumiSight Campus is a self-screening platform that supports the well-being of parents, students, employees, and visitors in the San Marcos Unified School District. It was developed by DataHouse Consulting, a Hawaii company dedicated to supporting our communities through innovative technology solutions.

How does LumiSight Campus work?

LumiSight Campus is easy to use every day. Parents, students, employees, and visitors log in to a web application and perform a quick check-in. They immediately receive guidance on whether they can enter campus or stay home that day.

How do students and employees access LumiSight Campus?

Students and employees receive an email with their log in username, one-time password, and a link to the web application. They will reset their password when they log in for the first time and complete their first check-in.

Students, employees, and visitors can go to to log in to their accounts.

Parents can help their children check in by logging in with each child’s SMUSD email address.

How do I check in?

Follow the steps in this guide to set up your account and perform your first check-in. You need to check in every day before you arrive on campus.

Step 1: Set up your account

To set up your account for the first time, check your SMUSD email for a link to reset your password. If you don’t think you received the activation email, go to and use the Forgot Password process.

Account activation email

2. If you don't think you received the account activation email, go to, choose your preferred language, then select Log In.

SMUSD welcome page

3. Read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Select each checkbox, then I Consent.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

4. Select Forgot Password.

Login page

5. Enter your SMUSD email address, then select Submit.

Reset password request page

6. Check your SMUSD email for the verification code. Enter the code and a new password, then select Reset.

Password reset verification page

7. When your password is successfully changed, select Continue.

Password reset successful

Step 2: Confirm your information

Make sure your personal information is correct. You can also verify your phone number to receive notifications.

1. Confirm your personal information and enter your cell phone number. Then select Next.

Complete your profile page

2. Verify your phone number (optional). If you don't have a cell phone, you can skip this step.

Text verification page

Step 3: Select your account settings

Answer a quick question about your campus/department affiliations.

1. Select all the campuses or departments you are affiliated with. When finished, select Done.

Campus affiliation page

Step 4: Check in and view results

Check in every day at home before arriving to campus.

1. Select Check Your symptoms to complete a daily check-in.

Check-in page

2. Select Yes or No to the symptoms question, then select Next.

Symptoms questionnaire

3. Select Yes or No to the fever question, then select Next.

Fever question

4. Select Yes or No to the COVID-19 question, then select Next.

COVID contact question

5. Select Yes or No to the quarantine question, then select Next.

Quarantine question

6. Select Yes or No to the COVID-19 test question, read the certify content that appears, then select Next.

COVID test result question

7. If you selected No to all the questions, you are cleared to come to campus.

Clear to go to campus message

8. If you selected Yes to one of the questions, please stay home and do not report to school or work. You will receive a Not Clear badge with one of three different results messages. Read the message and follow the guidance provided.

Stay home message

9. When you receive a Not Clear badge, the Home screen will lock, and you will not be able to check in for 10 days. Follow the contact and self-care instructions provided.

Not Clear messages on home screen

View past results and badges

Go to Health to view your check-in history and badges.

1. Select Health to view the check-in history. Select any result to view the corresponding badge.

Healh history page

Update your profile and account settings

Go to More to update your profile, change your account settings , and log out.

1. Select More to update your profile, change notification, language, and affiliation settings, and log out.

More settings page

2. Be sure to keep notification settings turned on so that you remember to check in every day!

Notification setting

Link your children's accounts

If you are a parent with multiple children, you can link your children’s accounts and switch between them quickly.

1. To add an account, select your name from the upper right corner, then Switch Accounts.

Home screen displaying the Switch Accounts button

2. Select Add Account.

Switch Account menu prompting you for an address to switch to

3. You will be directed to the Login screen so that you can log in to the account you want to add. Select Log In.

Redirected to the login screen

4. Read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Select each checkbox, then I Consent.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

5. Enter the email and password, then select Login.

Login screen

6. You can now check in from the added account. To switch between accounts, select your name from the upper right corner, then Switch Accounts.

From the home screen, click your name to dropdown the link to switch accounts

7. Select an email address to switch to that account and check in for that person.

Switch Account menu prompting you for an address to switch to