1. Navigate to https://alohaclear.com/.  Select My Health at the top right corner.

2. Select the drop-down arrow next to your name.  A list of all users will display who are under your profile.

3. Select Add new family member.

4. Enter the correct information for each field.  Once complete, select Continue. 

(Please note the next step (5) applies to CHILD profiles only.  If you are creating a profile for a non child user, proceed to step 6)

5. (THIS STEP ONLY APPLIES FOR CREATING A CHILD'S PROFILE).  A question will prompt asking if you would like to register your child in the DOE K-12 Program.  Answering No will complete your profile creation.  Answering Yes will direct you to complete further information regarding your child's school information.

6. When you return back to your My Health profile page, you will see the latest user added at the bottom of the drop-down selection.