All LumiSight accounts were created based on SMUSD student and staff data and registration emails are being sent to your email account. 

In your SMUSD email account, search for an email with the subject: “Account Activation: LumiSight for San Marcos Unified School District” using the search field, and be sure to search in “All Mail.” We recommend searching through All Mail in case the email was automatically sent to your Spam or Junk Mail folder. You may have also accidentally deleted or moved the email to a different folder if you weren't expecting the email.

If you still cannot find the registration email:

  1. Go to the LumiSight Sign In page
  2. Click Forgot Password? 
  3. Type in your staff or student email address (including the and click Submit. This will trigger an account reset email to be sent to your SMUSD email address. 
  4. Check your SMUSD email to get your 6-digit Verification Code. The email will have the subject: "San Marcos Unified School District - Verification Code" sent from "". NOTE: if possible, do NOT leave or close the LumiSight Reset Password page - open a new browser window or tab to access your email account, or if you are using a mobile device, open your phone's recent apps (iOS users swipe up, Android users open your Recent Apps menu) to access your email application, and then return to the Reset Password page.
  5. Enter the Verification Code on the Password Reset page, and a new password.
  6. Hit Submit to access the LumiSight application.