LumiSight UH Mobile Application Quick Start Guide



What is LumiSight UH?

LumiSight UH is a self-screening platform that supports the well-being of students, faculty, staff, and visitors in the UH Community. It was developed by DataHouse Consulting, a local Hawaii company dedicated to supporting our communities through innovative technology solutions.

How does LumiSight UH work?

Students, faculty, staff, and visitors log in to a web or mobile application and perform a quick check-in. They immediately receive guidance on whether they can enter campus or stay home that day. Individuals in the Modified Quarantine (MQ) Program also check in their location each day during their quarantine period.

How do I access LumiSight UH?

Download the LumiSight UH mobile app from the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play (for Android devices).

Allow the app to send you notifications and access your location. With notifications and location settings turned on, you’ll receive daily notifications to remind you to check in. If you don’t check in after receiving a daily notification, you’ll receive another notification whenever you enter campus.

You can also access the web version at:

How do I check in?

Follow the steps in this quick start guide to set up your account and perform your first check-in. You need to check in every day before you enter campus.

Why does the app need to access my location?

LumiSight UH uses geofencing to send you notifications whenever you enter campus. A geofence is a virtual perimeter around UH campuses. LumiSight UH does not track your location, but it detects when you cross a UH campus geofence and sends you a reminder to check in.

LumiSight UH Checklist

Step 1: Log in and consent

Each time you log in, you need to read and consent to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

1. Select Sign In with UH Account from the welcome screen.

LumiSight UH homescreen

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

3. Log in with your UH username and password.

Login screen

Step 2: Confirm your information

Make sure your personal information is correct and verify your cell phone number.

1. Confirm your personal information and enter your cell phone number.

Confirm personal information

2. Verify your cell phone number

Verify cell phone number

3. You're almost ready for your first check-in!

Cell phone number verified

Step 3: Select your campus settings

Answer a few question about which campus(es) you go to and whether you're an on-campus resident.

1. If you are currently a UH/RCUH student or employee, select Yes.

Confirm if UH/RCUH student or employee

2. If you work or attend classes or campus, select No.

Work or attend classes on campus

3. Select all campuses you go to for class or work.

Campus listing

4. If you are an on-campus housing resident, select Yes.

On-campus housing resident?

5. Select the on-campus housing where you reside.

Which housing do you live in?

Step 4: Check in

Make sure notifications and location settings are turned on and start your first check-in before entering campus.

1. At this point, your phone may request that you turn notification and location settings on. Select Allow for each.

Allow notifications

Allow location access

2. Select Check Your Symptoms.

Check your symptoms

3. Select Yes or No and certify that your answer is accurate and truthful.

COVID-19 questionnaire

Step 5: View results

View your results immediately. Please follow the results and guidance to keep our campus safe.

1. If you answer Yes, you are not permitted to enter campus, or you must stay in your campus residence.

Stay home if you answer Yes

2. If you answer No, you may enter campus. However, anyone in quarantine MUST continue to adhere to location restrictions.

If you answer no, you may enter campus

Step 6: Check in location (for MQ participants only)

If you’re in the Modified Quarantine (MQ) Program, you also need to check in your location every day during your quarantine period. If you’re not in the MQ Program, don’t worry about this step –you won’t have the MQ option in your navigation.

1. Select MQ from the navigation

Select the MQ button from the navbar

2. Select Check in Your Location.

MQ location check-in

3. The app records your location. Select Got It to return to the Home screen.

Location record confirmation


Use the navigation to view your check-in history and update your account.

1. Select Health to view your check-in history and other resources.

Check-in history

2. Select More to update your profile, change your settings, and log out.

More button to update account settings

3. Be sure to keep notification settings turned on so that you remember to check in every day!

Notification settings