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What is LumiSight?

LumiSight is a self-screening platform that supports the well-being of parents, students, employees, and visitors in the Kauai Complex Area. It was developed by DataHouse Consulting, a local Hawaii company dedicated to supporting our communities through innovative technology solutions.

How does LumiSight work?

LumiSight is easy to use every day. Parents, students, employees, and visitors log in to a web application and perform a quick check-in. They immediately receive guidance on whether they can enter campus or stay home that day.

How do I access LumiSight?

You can access the web application from any browser on any device. Go to:

I'm a parent, can I check in my children?

Yes! If you are a parent or employee with children who attend campus, follow the steps in this quick start guide to set up your accounts and check in your children. Remember to check in yourself as well whenever you plan to enter campus.

Step 1: Create an account

Parents, employees, and students can create their own accounts, and parents can create accounts on behalf of their children.

1-1. Select Create a New Account from the welcome screen.

LumiSight welcome screen

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

1-3. Select Create a New Account from the login screen.

Login screen

1-4. Enter your email address and password, then select Create.

Create a New Account page

1-5. Check your email for the verification code. Then, enter the verification code and select Verify.

Account Verification page

1-6. When your account is successfully verified, select Continue.

Account Verified notification

Step 2: Complete your profile

Make sure your profile information is correct. You can also verify your cell phone number to complete your account setup.

2-1. Enter your first name, last name, and cell phone number. Then, select Next.

Complete your profile page

2-2. Verify your phone number (optional).

Phone verification page

2-3. If you are a parent who will check in on behalf of your children, select Parent. Scroll down to Step 2-4a.

If you are an employee, select Employee. You will have the option to add children to your account. Scroll down to Step 2-5a.

If you are a student, select Student. Scroll down to Step 2-6a.

Page to select type of person


Each of your children must have a unique email address in order to set up their accounts. LumiSight uses email addresses as

usernames, so each username must be unique, and each email address must be verified.

2-4a. As a parent, you can add your children to your account. If your child does not have an email address, you need to create one before setting up their account.

Select parent

2-4b. Enter your child's email address. If your child's correct information appears in the list, select your child and then Complete.

Add your children page

2-4c. If your child's name does not appear in the list, select Create a new student account with that email.

Create a new student account button

2-4d. Create an account and profile for your child by entering your child's email, name, campus, and grade. When finished, select Save.

Enter your child's information page

2-4e. Continue adding your children. When finished, select Complete. Go to Step 3 and start your first check-in!

Select complete button when finished

Reset your password link


2-5a. As an employee, you can add your children to your account if they attend a Kauai Complex Area campus.

Select Employee

2-5b. Choose the campus in which you work, then select Next.

Select which campus you work in

2-5c. Select Yes if you have children who attend campus. Go to 2-4b for instructions on adding your children.

Select No if you do not have children who attend campus. Go to Step 3 and start your first check-in!

Do you have any children on campus?


Select student

2-6b. Choose your campus and grade, then select Complete. Go to Step 3 and start your first check-in!

Select campus and grade

Step 3: Check in

Parents need to check in each child separately. If you plan on entering campus, you need to check in yourself, too.

3-1. If you are a student or employee and do not have children linked to your account, select Check your Symptoms.

Daily Check-In page with button to check your symptoms

3-2. If you are a parent or employee with children linked to your account, select Check Their Symptoms to check in a child, or Check your Symptoms to check in yourself.

Button to check your children's symptoms if applicable

3-3. To check in a child, select Check-in for (Name).

Select which child to check in

3-4. Read through the list of questions.

Check in questionnaire

3-5. If you can answer yes to ANY of the questions, select Yes, read the attestation content that appears, then select Done.

Select yes if you said yes to any questions

3-6. If you can answer no to ALL of the questions, select No, read the attestation content that appears, then select Done.

Select No if you answer no to all questions

Step 4: View results

View your results immediately. Please follow the results and guidance to keep our campuses safe.

4-1. If you answer Yes, you or your child are not permitted to enter campus.

Prompt describing to stay home

4-2. If you answer No, you or your child may enter campus.

Prompt describing you may enter campus


Use the navigation to view your check-in history and update your account.

1. Select Health to view the check-in history for everyone in your account.

Health page

2. Select MoreĀ to update your profile, change notification settings, and log out.

More page

3. Be sure to keep notification settings turned on so that you remember to check in every day!

Email notifications page