After you create an account at log in and select the testing program. 

For FREE Community testing select DOH FREE Community RT PCR Testing

Select Register for a COVID-19 Test

Select the person who will receive the test and select Continue. This can be yourself or another family member. If you do not see the person on your list of profiles, scroll to the bottom and add a new profile.

Fill in the fields. Fields marked with * are required. Scroll to the bottom and select Continue

Use the selectors to find a location and date for available appointments. 

  • NOTE:  If you are unable to select future dates or no times are available, this means that the testing location's appointment and/or walk-in capacity is fully booked.   Please try another location or check back later to see if dates/times become available.

Health Screening questions are for the person receiving the test. 

The session counter indicates how long the slot is being held for registration until it will be released for someone else to make the appointment. 

The personal information of the person being tested will auto-fill based on the profile information. 

  • NOTE: It is the user's responsibility to enter name and date of birth correctly. Testing staff cannot make corrections to submitted information.

Sign or type your name to verify information and select Next.

Verify the person, location, date and time of the appointment are correct, then select Confirm to reserve your appointment.

A confirmation email will be sent.