1. Login to AlohaClear account

2. Select Department of Education K-12 program

3. Select Register for Off Campus DOE Testing

4. Select the person receiving the test, the school affiliation and relation to school.

Use other for family members who do not attend the selected school.

5. Use the selectors to choose the dare time and location for an appointment, then select Next

6. Select Health screening answers for the person receiving the test, then select Next

**Countdown clock indicates how long slot is being held until reservation is completed. If time runs out someone else can try to make an appointment in that slot.

7. Enter person receiving the test's information. 

**If the appointment selected is no longer wanted, you can change the appointment

8. Sign or type name to agree to testing and select Next

9. Double check the selected appointment information, then select Confirm to book the appointment.

10. Once confirmed, an email will be sent with the confirmation.

11. Bring your QR code or appointment number to your appointment.